The Building Designers Association of Tasmania (BDAT) is a member of The Building Designers Association of Australia (BDAA), a company which is structured to represent incorporated building designer associations throughout Australia.

BDAT was created in 1995 to represent building design professionals in Tasmania and has enjoyed continued membership growth since that time.
BDAT is active in the development of education and training standards relevant to the building design profession and is recognised by government and educational institutions as the leading professional body for building designers in Tasmania.

BDAT today has strength in numbers whose purpose is to promote and advance the practice and profession of building design in Tasmania.

BDAT represents an active group of building designers who are keen to uphold their responsibilities to the consumer and to the profession. The aim is for our members to have satisfied clients whose criteria has been met in every respect.

To become a BDAT member an applicant is assessed by a panel of their peers, who ensure that their work demonstrates a sound knowledge of building design and documentation